Assisting Primary School Teaching Students through their design unit, I was asked to fulfill the brief of not only creating a short stop animation, but also designing a poster portraying the folly of war.

I had come up with several ideas centering around the idea of ‘your country needs you’ etc, though I was really interested in Russian propaganda posters and also portraying actual facts. My idea was to show that the scale of wars was getting larger and more incomprehensible as we move forward. Technology and military progression has meant that war has become ridiculously easy.

After researching the death count that occurred in each of the World Wars, I had decided that I was going to create a disturbing bar chart made with human bodies, though an idea popped into my head; are the size of weapons relevant to the amount of casualties or deaths that were produced?

Below you will see the final production for my ‘folly of war’ poster design.

3 thoughts on “Warmonger”

  1. Probably not, but if I’m to believe the back story of Warhammer 40,000, a beneficent God-Emperor will save us all and create genetically-modified super-soldiers who wear mechanised battle armour and use guns that fire armour-piercing grenade bullets at full-auto. if that doesn’t save us, nothing will 😛

    Nah only joking. Nice poster, and it gets its message across very well.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. A World War III? Hmm…maybe a select few would survive but I’m talking like about 15,000 people out of a whole 7 Billion. I mean when you think about it countries like America,Russia,China,India,Britain,France,ect have enough nukes to blow up the Earth 5 times over. It’s really scary when you think about. I talk to my Dad about things like this a lot so the subject really interests me! Haha.

    Anyway, I really like how you’ve made the poster, Mr Dunlop it looks great! I like reading your thoughts on different subjects, you always give me something really interesting to think about.

    On a side note, it’s been a while since I’ve visited this site so I’m going to try and visit more often. Merry ehh…late Christmas?

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