Magazine Clip

Artist and Teacher, Jennifer Mullin is currently looking for a nice home for a print of her new collage piece ‘Come Sit Next To Me’. The piece is tremendously well composed using cut outs from magazines and a black fine line pen to add detail.

Anyone interested in winning this beautiful piece should click on her name or the image and say nice things to her. Good luck.

The Brothers Quay

The Brothers Quay are American twin brothers famous for their stop animations. Most of their films feature disturbing dark images of dolls, meat and pins. Inspired by eastern european animators, particularly Jan Svankmajer, they focus on telling their tales through abstract weird happenings and strange imagery.

The Brothers Quay have created numerous music videos and were commissioned to create several theatre/ballet pieces. They treat animation like dance, all movements are finely and intensely choreographed.

When first experiencing the Brothers work, it appears weird, confusing and even frightening, though with further watching you start to discover the beauty in the characters, the scenery and the ideas. It reminds me of The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, it has the creepy, the mystery and the fantastical.

Young Publishers

A mixture of pupils from S1 & S2 at Renfrew High today were trying out my idea for the A4 folded books. They were discovering that you don’t need fancy equipment or rich friends to get yourself self-published. All it takes it a good idea and a little bit of hard work.

Above, Allyson W works on an auto-biographical graphic novel while across the table (below) Andrew W creates the cover for his fanzine about fast cars.

Above, Jodie S works on her helpful guide on dancing called ‘Just Dance’ while next to her, Shannon R creates a tough quiz book.

It wasn’t just S1 that was getting into the publishing business, S2 were experimenting with the idea too. Below Georgia S works on her childrens’ book titled ‘Happy Fish’, the tale of a fish who tries to cheer up a sad jellyfish, while behind her Rees M works on his scary and action packed adventure ‘Alions’ (below again).

Though the ideas and the stories do not end there. Above, Christy S works on her fabulous story of the brightest star in the sky – ‘Shiner’, while opposite her (below), Hayley B is finalising her ideas for her emotional book ‘The fat little sheep’.

Last, but not least, Ross M gives the cover of his kung fu-tastic book ‘Stick Man’ a few finishing touches (below).

Can I say a big THANK YOU to Georgia, Christy and Ross for letting me keep their books. If anyone else wants to try out the idea and show me how you got on, I’d love to see or hear about the results. A4 folded books are the new black.

Something Beginning With ‘B’.

Blipfoto is a fabulous website where you are obliged to air a photograph a day. You can only upload the photo on the day and the rules have to be followed. It’s a great community with lots of commenting and discussion, so it’s perfect for budding photographers or attention seekers. I’ve created a journal for The Art Classroom, though I’m finding it really tough to keep up with the posts. An iPhone app is available, so it’s possible to blipfoto on the go.

It’s Alive!

Gemma C (S6) from Renfrew High has been working towards finishing the preparation for her stop animation ‘Frankenstein’s Monster With A Twist’ (working title). Spending her time building sets and props, figures and frames, she is now at the stage were the animation will begin. This will involve lighting the scene and moving the figures in tiny little steps (24 a second), to give the illusion of movement.

The detail in the walls, the organ and the floors is staggering. Made from painted cardboard and found items, Gemma has created a miniature lab in a miniature castle, though saying that, it is one of the biggest animation sets I’ve ever seen, a three foot by three foot floor with two walls that are three foot high.

The story centres around Dr Frankenstein and his monster, who when revived with electricity, is found to be gay. An idea that may hark back to parody film’s such as Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein’ and Gerald Thomas’ ‘Carry On Screaming’.

Gemma is now working towards passing her exam and a portfolio to continue her animation exploration in college. The Art Classroom wishes her well, and would love to see the finished product.

The Destruction Of The Poppies

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ is not from a secondary school pupil or even a teacher, in fact, it’s from three primary school pupils. Josh K, Bismah H and John M (P7 from St Paul’s) have been working on their stop animation set and characters based around WWII and the ‘folly’ of war. The idea involves a stomping Hitler bringing destruction to a beautiful field. Hitler will walk across the landscape changing it from green fields and blue skies to rubble and dust.

The P7 A & B classes have been working on creating posters and short films that reflect upon the war as well as teach us a lesson to never let it happen again. It’s a great project to be involved in.

The Primary Teachers have brought their animations and their assistance to St Paul’s to let the pupils have a try at making and editing a short, and looking at some of the sets and characters, they could well better their teachers’ attempt.

Young Brits At Art 2010

I am hosting a few of the Young Brits at Art workshops this year and hoping to match Jessica C‘s success last year. I will be holding workshops scattered over Scotland including Kelvingrove Museum/Glasgow. The workshops will consist of various different types of mixed media, painting, photography, film, audio and sculpture.

Of course, you don’t need me to enter, you can enter as a school, a class, a pupil or a young individual. Details of the competition can be found here:

The Pupil Edited For Paranormal Activity Comp

I received a mail from ‘Be Prepared To Be Scared‘ asking me to submit a 3 minute version of ‘The Pupil’ into the Paranormal Activity Competition. The prizes are varied and great, so it would be amazing for the pupils that took part in the short, if they get the recognition they deserve.

Below you will get the chance to view the edited HD version.