Slinkachu is a London based artist who creates miniature scenes and places them in public places. Using ‘Tiny Little People’ from train-set kits, Slinkachu customises them, then leaves them on the street, part installation, part street art.

The figures can be found scattered around London and even reproduced for Slinkachu’s gallery exhibitions, though they are mainly admired through Slinkachu’s photographic records of them.

After creating the collection ‘Tiny Little People’, Slinkachu moved on to his ‘Inner City Snail’ themed works. Snails’ shells would be laden with tiny reproductions of graffiti, the snail would be unharmed and placed back where it was found, totally unaware. His work always has humorous aspects, though often holds a social or moral statement. His little figures and vandalised snails always look so lonely and misplaced, surrounded by giants, they are often ignored.

Slinkachu’s newest works ‘Whatever happened to the Men of Tomorrow?’ focuses on aging and misplaced super heroes. If you are interested in discovering more about Slinkachu, the best place to look is his website:

5 thoughts on “Slinkachu”

  1. Tiltshift is cool. I have got pupils to do it from their phones, looking down and out of a building etc.


  2. Marc Ecko eat your heart out. This is street art at its greatest. Each piece either looks really awesome (the snail) or has a good meaning to it (the Men of Tomorrow one).

    Quite inspiring, I must say… I really want to go build some more Warhammers now 😛

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