Table Numbers

I’ve been working on a nice set of artist/painter table numbers for my classroom. Table numbers help pupils remember where they first sit when starting a new class, they also help when allocating materials (especially dangerous items like sharp scissors or scalpels). Table numbers help keep the classroom organised, help you learn pupil’s names and help teachers, who may have to take over your class when you are off, allocate materials and be aware of where pupils are suppose to sit.

These table numbers will not only brighten up a classroom, but they can also be used for quizzes about the artists, a resource for the artist, the style or elements of the work and will help pupils become familiar with each artist name/style/image.

I advise printing the images out full size (A4) and in full colour. I would trim each artist number square out, leaving whatever space around you desire and then laminate the squares in fours leaving space around each. Trimming and then laminating will seal the edges and corners of the number for longer lasting life. Numbers should then either be temporarily blu-taced to the tables or fixed more permanently with double sided sticky tape.

The table number sheets can be downloaded from ‘The Box’ app which is featured at the bottom of the right-hand column.

2 thoughts on “Table Numbers”

  1. Love these numbers, I think they are a really good idea, thanks for the download, I don’t know how to print them out in A4 but even printed out small they are nice!

  2. Thanks very much Kathy. I was probably a bit unclear about the number size. They fit four to an A4 sheet which is what you probably have, not one number per A4 sheet, which is what I was maybe implying in my post.

    I really like your blog too. I put a link in my blog list, will also do a little feature/review on it when I get a chance and give you a shout.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give me some feedback.

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