Red Or Dead

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from Megan G from Castlemilk. Megan had attended the Young Brits at Art workshop on Sunday 21st Feb at Kelvingrove Museum. Her artwork had to reflect or relate to ‘a world without prejudice’ as a theme to be entered into the Young Brits at Art competition. Megan decided to focus it on name calling and teasing. She created the image above within a three hour session, really only working on it for around an hour to an hour and a half.

Megan uses pencil scribbling to add tone and texture, black Sharpie pen to highlight detail and a toothbrush to spray a little light shading of blue for a hint of colour. She wanted her image to look monotone so that her fiery red hair would attract the eye. The hair was painted with daubs of acrylic so that it stood out.

I really like the image and the writing is funny, yet makes a good point about the issue. Her piece is called ‘See Me!’ which I think is very apt. A really strong but delicate image that completely reflects Megan’s personality. Well done Megan!

2 thoughts on “Red Or Dead”

  1. Hi Mr Dunlop, I was wondering if I could see my picture, coz u said it would be on the site and i can’t find it anywhere?!

  2. I’ve had to hold back on publishing all the entries by request of the commission Monique, though just for you I will feature your drawing some time this week. It’s called an ’embargo’, it’s when you have a contractual agreement about the time of release for something. The commission doesn’t want me airing my entries until the competition ends, though I could air yours through your request. I can’t feature any others though until the competition ends. Pretty frustrating, as I have a lot of really nice entries to show off. Hope you haven’t been looking too hard, though I am really glad you found the site and got in contact.

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