Don’t Shrug At Shrigley

I had the chance to run a few small workshops in Ladywell School in Glasgow last week. Due to the very short time limit it was quite tough to devise a unit that would be possible for Ladywell pupils to achieve a finished piece in. I decided to look towards David Shrigley for inspiration as he style is very quick, with instant rewards.

After two short workshops , most pupils were able to create large monotone doodles related to prejudice for the Young Brits At Art competition, below are a few of my favourites.

Natalie O created the piece above after thinking about some of the teachers that always shout at her. I really like the mouth on the face she has drawn, it shows a mixture of emotions, anger and confusion. The piece below was created by William M, it’s extremely powerful symbolism of staring eyes gives us a sense of being observed or stared at.

Below James S paints a piece about people screaming in his face. The main central figure blocks out the yelling with music, we can all relate with that image. I really like the simple criss-crossing of the central faces hair, the surrounding faces are very stylised and effective.

Unfortunately I can’t feature all the entries, but I’ll leave you with the image above from Ryan B. Ryan’s image is based around events he witnessed on a bus.

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