The Beach House

This week’s masterpiece comes from Chloe L from Ladywell School. Chloe had to create a piece of art inspired by David Shrigley in a two hour workshop. At first she was not too certain about what she wanted to base her painting on, though after discussing some ideas with Miss Ledingham she had decided that she wanted to paint something positive, aiming for a beach scene.

After some discussion with myself about the aim of the competition and the issues it’s trying to address Chloe had agreed that her piece should say something more. We were talking about the faceless houses along the beach and that although all the houses looked similar, there were different things going on in each one. She highlighted a house by darkening it to contrast it against the row and decided that there would be an argument going on.

This makes what is a pretty and simple beach scene very interesting and thought provoking. Something that the competition asks for. It makes us imagine what could be happening, it pushes us into the scene and makes us become part of the drama. I do feel that Chloe has produced a simple, but visually stunning image, producing thoughts that linger on with us long after viewing. Hopefully the judges will have similar tastes and she will do well.

2 thoughts on “The Beach House”

  1. ha ha… I think if you turn that house into a tiny one bedroom flat, you’ll get my home Elizabeth… ha ha. Love your site by the way.

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