The Wee Issue

The Wee Issue is released on Wednesday and it has been written entirely by teenagers, including two of my ex-pupils Rachel H and April H. Rachel and April were recommended by myself to take part in work experience in the Big Issue and were subsequently signed up for the Wee Issue because they were amazingly good. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Paul McNamee (The Editor) got the idea after Rachel’s time there. If you live in Scotland and you’re still a pupil, you will get a free copy of the magazine that features no ads whatsoever.

April H has been interviewed and quoted by the Sunday Herald about the subject. More news to come when I get it.

Update: She’s also been mentioned on the Daily Record’s site too.

2 thoughts on “The Wee Issue”

  1. Has to be Paolo. I hate Paramore.

    May I just ask, are you back at our school right now? I thought I saw you this morning… if not, it was someone who looked remarkably like you 😛

  2. Yeah, I was in to collect some slips for a competition I’m entering some Gleniffer pupils into Ross. Was only in for 10 minutes.

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