Continuing Education Exhibition

I was given the chance tonight to get a visit to the Con. Ed. Exhibition at the Glasgow School of Art. The invitations were only open to friends and family of the artists, but the place was absolutely chockablocked. It was a real shame that myself and Mrs Lyons (Notredame) couldn’t get a chance to see all the work, it was virtually impossible to get to certain areas to view it. Fortunately we saw what we went to see, which was the new work of Claire – Louise C.

Claire’s work has really progressed since I last saw her around 3-4 years ago. She has developed a layering style involving photography, acetate and illustration. The three pieces she had on display were part of a storyboard based in a tube train. The images were very urban, illustrative and reminded me of something from i-D. Claire’s style has developed into a professional and commercial approach, which aids to her storytelling.

Claire plans in developing these panels into a single page or several pages linear paneled strip. I do think they would look amazing as single full pages in a book though. I can’t wait to see which direction she takes them in.

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