The Grey Cat

Have I got a treat for you. I was given the opportunity today to have a look into Hanna M‘s (S4, Notre Dame) secret folder. The thing is brimming with amazing pictures. Her style is very dynamic, not quite Manga, not quite western cartoon, but very professional and intricate.

Hanna is originally from Zgorzelec, Poland, though has obviously been effected by Western and Japanese cultures in her sketches. I do love the fact that she plays around with her dual language. I can’t understand the polish comments, though I am interested by them, they lend an air of mystery to her work.

Her drawings of animals and furries (anthropomorphic animals) are truly staggering.  Using free exploring guide lines and thick and thin pen lines to build up the simplistic characters, Hannah has mastered the art of cartooning or caricaturing. All the trademarks are there, the big eyes and the over-sized hands/paws.

This is just a small selection of Hanna’s work. To see more sketches and finished artworks go visit her profile (which means ‘Grey Cat’) here:

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