Have I Got News For You

Click on the image to see the animation

I’ve been trying to find a good way of displaying 3D images that I photographed at Breadalbane High in Aberfeldy. The images need to be viewed through 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph glasses, so unless you have a pair, you don’t really get the idea.

Messing around with the images, I decided to try and make a moving animated GIF to see if it maybe gave a better idea of the artwork. It might not be as good as viewing the image through the 3D glasses but it does give you an idea of the work in three dimensions.

‘The News at Ten’ is a relief piece created by Hazel D (S3, Breadalbane). The piece focuses on our obsession with television and news and how the news media uses shock tactics and highlights things that are wrong, rather than things that may be going right. This onslaught of negative imagery makes us feel bad, frightened or threatened and therefore makes us watch more news to stay informed.

Hazel had such a tough time trying to keep the large papier mache fist stable and protruding. It’s weight and awkwardness made what should have been an easy gluing task, an absolute nightmare. All the effort was worth it though, the work is powerful and pushes itself onto the viewer, reflecting points that it’s trying to put across. A great success out of a multitude of problems. Well done Hazel.

New Logo Banner Competition

I’m getting a bit sick of staring at the same old title banner on the blog all the time, so I’m opening up the chance for a budding designer to design the blog a new title that will be in use until around September 2010, so for a full 6 months a multitude of people (over 10 thousand) will see your design and you will get full credit.

You need to design a banner with the dimensions below:

If you are not very computer savy but would like to have a go anyway, I’ll accept scans and photos of drawings as well as digital work that doesn’t fit the dimensions asked. I will run the competition until 22nd May but if I receive a title that astounds me, I’ll want to use it asap.

Entries should be emailed to theartclassroom@googlemail.com or a link to your image can be posted in a comment below or messaged to me in a tweet. I’m basically open for whatever you can provide and I’ll take the image whatever way you can get it to me.

The main prize is the recognition, though I will probably throw in a few pressies. Some art materials, a few books, maybe even a piece of original art.

Things that I’ll be looking for:

• Something a bit different, think original.

• Good combination of type and image.

• An original unique style.

Raider Of The Lost Video

For over four years I have been trying to get hold of a working copy of a short film that I took part in as a student teacher. ‘Communication (with the animals)’ was a short stop-animation film which was created by the Notre Dame Animation Club. The club itself, set up by Mrs Lyons and Miss Wilson had four key members; Narin C (who has been featured before in a profile), Ailidh W, her sister Simone W and Natasha S.

Over the past few months I have borrowed several copies of the film, of which I had little success of getting a working, convertible copy. Some of the time a disc would work in a DVD player but not a PC or on a certain PC and not a Mac. The whole thing was an nightmare. Fortunately I have had some free time to get stuck into trying to capture a copy of the film and air it on the web like I had planned many years ago.

So, after all that time, I’m happy to present the Notre Dame Animation Club’s entry into the University of Paisley’s animation competition 2006/07 – ‘Communication (with the animals)’.

Oh… I also apologise for the terrible voice acting of the fly commentator. Thanks to Simone and Narin for their patience.

David Shrugley

As part of the Visual Arts Festival, David Shrigley has ‘done a Banksy’ in Kelvingrove Museum (Glasgow). He has adapted a small part of the museum with his own sculpture and drawings. I usually really enjoy Shrigley’s work, it’s fast, clever, a bit stupid and often amazingly clever, though I found it hard to enjoy the Kelvingrove show.

After receiving an invite to the show opening, I was really excited about how Shrigley was going to get by the Banksy similarity and also how he would display his work within the museum, he didn’t and he displayed it badly.

My favourite work on display was the taxidermy Jack Russell holding a sign, though I can’t say that it displayed a huge amount of skill on Shrigley’s part. Thinking about the show later, I realised that Shrigley’s work is about being lazy, it’s a ‘off the top of my head’ doodle or a childish joke, Shrigley doesn’t do ‘effort’, he doesn’t do ‘skill’. I guess thinking this way makes his show a success and definitely ‘Shrigley-esque’, though I can’t bring myself to saying that it actually worked.

Shrigley’s work is on show in Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow now. I don’t how long it’s there for, but I’m sure it’s too long…

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Helen S (S5, Oban High School) created one of my favourite pieces (above, definitely in my top ten) for the Young Brits at Art competition, it’s bluntly honest, the typography is great and the image is fragile and colourfully unhappy. I happened to come across her photographs after she twittered me. I didn’t know that she was the same Helen S from Oban and was in the middle of writing her a tweet to feature her, when she emailed and asked me would I have a look at her pics?! Spooky.

Helen’s photos are extremely thoughtful. Usually super macro shots of nature or something around us that we would probably take for granted if she hadn’t focused our attentions on its beauty.

The colours are so vivid with sharp definition of details and forms. It is hard to believe that these photos are taken by someone so young. Her subject matter varies widely too which helps hold a viewer interest. It is often disappointing when photographers get caught up in catching similar scenes and become a parody of themselves.

If you like what you see and would like to see more, visit Helen’s Deviant Art Profile:



The above video is the final edit for Notre Dame High School’s entry into the Young Brits at Art competition. The film is based on the competition’s theme ‘a world without prejudice’. The film has had to go through several edits to make it suitable for myself, the school and the competition, though I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. The most exciting thing for me is the music created by Rosie B and Rachel W who actually win my ‘Artwork of the week’ this week. Their improvised score really is a work of art. It suits the feeling and mood of the short film and fits into the intro and credits perfectly.

Katie’s Magic Eye Revisited.

I recently featured the work of Katie H-M (from S5, Oban High) in a pupil profile and have a little update for those that were as mesmerised by her work as I was. Katie has been in touch and she has collected some thoughts and her favourite photo to enter into the Young Brits at Art competition.

The competition closes on the 30th April, so those that are a little bored of me going on about it will be happy to know that I will be thoroughly ‘shushed’ after that.

Anyway, Katie has emailed me her work and I will submit it directly through the website as a single entry. In the meantime, enjoy the finished entry below: