Katie’s Magic Eye

Katie H-M (S5) from Oban High School is a photographer and an expressive artist. When she isn’t painting large colourful paintings with stains and inks, she is photographing resources for those paintings.

I first witnessed her work when she had brought this collection of images along to a Young Brits at Art workshop, and although I liked the style of Katie’s paintings, it was her photographic resources that really blew me away.

Katie’s photos reminded me of the faked fairy pictures taken by two sisters many years ago. Not just because she wore fairy wings in some of the images, but more because of the feeling of the photos, the magic, the mystery.

There was also an air of Courtney Love about the pictures. They reminded me of the Hole cover artwork due to the sense of sadness and portraying a feeling of being lost inside your own bubble. I’m also reminded of the visual work of Amanda Palmer due to the exquisite face make-up and self-produced ethos.

Katie experiments with the use of light to cause blurring and obstruction within her photos. This forces the audience to look a bit longer and try a little harder to gain reward from the image. Some images are bleached with light, making them feel heavenly.

As you can see, Katie has a great eye for composition, even if she’s in front of the camera. A cottage industry within a single body, she’s the ideas girl, the lighting operator, the cameraperson and even the model. Inspiring images for anyone who’s interested in taking up photography. Fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Magic Eye”

  1. Amazing stuff Katie, Oban High is really proud of you ! Keep up the good work !

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