Drop Dead Gorgeous

Helen S (S5, Oban High School) created one of my favourite pieces (above, definitely in my top ten) for the Young Brits at Art competition, it’s bluntly honest, the typography is great and the image is fragile and colourfully unhappy. I happened to come across her photographs after she twittered me. I didn’t know that she was the same Helen S from Oban and was in the middle of writing her a tweet to feature her, when she emailed and asked me would I have a look at her pics?! Spooky.

Helen’s photos are extremely thoughtful. Usually super macro shots of nature or something around us that we would probably take for granted if she hadn’t focused our attentions on its beauty.

The colours are so vivid with sharp definition of details and forms. It is hard to believe that these photos are taken by someone so young. Her subject matter varies widely too which helps hold a viewer interest. It is often disappointing when photographers get caught up in catching similar scenes and become a parody of themselves.

If you like what you see and would like to see more, visit Helen’s Deviant Art Profile:


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