New Logo Banner Competition

I’m getting a bit sick of staring at the same old title banner on the blog all the time, so I’m opening up the chance for a budding designer to design the blog a new title that will be in use until around September 2010, so for a full 6 months a multitude of people (over 10 thousand) will see your design and you will get full credit.

You need to design a banner with the dimensions below:

If you are not very computer savy but would like to have a go anyway, I’ll accept scans and photos of drawings as well as digital work that doesn’t fit the dimensions asked. I will run the competition until 22nd May but if I receive a title that astounds me, I’ll want to use it asap.

Entries should be emailed to or a link to your image can be posted in a comment below or messaged to me in a tweet. I’m basically open for whatever you can provide and I’ll take the image whatever way you can get it to me.

The main prize is the recognition, though I will probably throw in a few pressies. Some art materials, a few books, maybe even a piece of original art.

Things that I’ll be looking for:

• Something a bit different, think original.

• Good combination of type and image.

• An original unique style.

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