Foundation Stone Project

Well, I’m up half the night as usual, though tonight it’s for a good reason. I’m just finishing the burning of three films for the Foundation Stone Project to be held in Queens Cross Church (The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Church). It’s been a mammoth task, though it has been worth it. I have been working for the University of Glasgow, helping them curate and collate pupil work into three films, one projected onto cloth, one projected as a sculptural book and the last will be displayed on an HD screen, containing music composed by Gordon Rigby. (The poster above is not my design).

The project consisted of several tasks including designing/laying out Adrian Wiszniewski’s ‘Stone’ book (above), editing three pupil work films and a few other bits and bobs (postcard making etc). It’s been a very exciting project to work on and I have met some very talented people such as Danielle Stewart (Actress), Adrian Wiszniewski (Artist), Gordon Rigby (Composer), Dave Anderson (Director) and of course, the much talented University staff; Fiona McGregor, Moira Summers and Ken & Mona, the back bone of the whole operation. (Pupil work from Ladywell Learning Centre below)

The ‘Foundation Stone’ performance runs for one night only, the exhibition will run for tonight and tomorrow. The performance is spectacular though. Danielle Stewart narrates the listener into a tale of mermaids, bearded women and Scottish giants. The accompanying score by Gordon Rigby is truly breath taking and flows alongside Adrian Wiszniewski’s writing beautifully. (Logo below designed by myself)

Details below:

‘Foundation Stone’
by Adrian Wiszniewski and Gordon Rigby

Friday 11th June 2010


Narrated by Danielle Stewart
Directed by Dave Anderson.

Performed by
Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra
Williamwood High School Orchestra

Includes an installation exhibition featuring the work from pupils, S1 & S2 from West & Central Scotland

Inspired by Edwin Morgan

Tickets £8 (£6) from Tickets Scotland
0844 415 5221

If you’d like to attend the exhibition, which is free, you can do so on Saturday 12th June 2010 between 10am – 4pm. It is worth seeing if you can get a chance.

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