Beerjacket – ‘Drum’

I was working a day long workshop in Notre Dame on Monday and was able to acquire permission to use Beerjacket’s ‘Drum’ song for use in a music video. Beerjacket is Peter Kelly, a once Glasgow based musician, he writes beautifully sour alt-folk songs.

The video is a shadow puppet short based around a little bear who becomes obsessed with drumming. This leads to some gruesome repercussions and a dramatic end. I’m so proud of the Notredame girls for making this in a day, it’s absolutely amazing.

If you quite like what you hear, you can visit Beerjacket’s site below and listen to more, as well as purchase tracks individually from him for a small fee.

12 thoughts on “Beerjacket – ‘Drum’”

  1. This is great. I was honoured when your teacher asked permission. You are obviously very lucky to have such a fantastic teacher. Thank you very much for working so hard to put this together, and all in one day. That is incredible.

    I am most flattered that you put so much effort into the video and I’ll share it later on Facebook, Twitter and the like…

    Cheers to you.

  2. The video looks really good now that it has been put together. I really enjoyed making this =D

  3. Thanks Peter.

    I’m sure the girls will be glad to hear you like it so much. I’m thinking of entering it into the GFF11 (Glasgow Film Fest 2011). They have a music strand next year, they’ll be featuring music videos. I’m sure you’ll be way up for it, let me know by email if you’re OK with it anyway.

    I’m putting a link in the post to your website if anyone would like to check you out or buy a track. 🙂

  4. woweee – scary bear! fantastic work, can’t believe that was done in a day.
    Well done everyone in Notre Dame.
    and great tune too.

  5. This video is completely amazing. I’ve had the song and images in my head since I saw it – which I always think is the mark of a great music video. It reminds me of the first time I saw the video for Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’. It just kept going round and round my head, just like this has…

    I love the handmade look too. People spend a lot of money trying to fake that with CG animation, which is mental when you can achieve something so great with simple paper cutouts.

    Well done guys!

  6. Absolutely amazing! Well done to all the folk involved, superb animation, very moody. I’m really impressed with the sophisticated results achieved with classic techniques.

    Great choice of music too, right up my street (will need to check Beerjacket out). Well done Mr D for bringing it all together, any chance you’l do a how-to?

  7. Great video and awesome puppet show. Nicely done! Good action! Teddy bear gone out of control is a great story. More, make more puppet shows!

  8. This is such an atmospheric video, so simple and effective. Well done to everyone involved, and keep up the good work!

  9. This is brill – the bear is ace!! My favourite bit is when he gets his paws on the drum sticks. Well done!

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