New Podcast Coming Soon

I have decided that it is now time to edge into the realm of podcasting with a regular audio or video podcast focusing on an element of art education, practice or news. The podcast will be hosted by various presenters, teachers and pupils and will most likely be a short, edited, varied, factual show.

I have made a call out for pupils and teachers, though if you are interested in participating, please get in touch. I would be really excited to receive your opinions, footage or input and would be so grateful for your collaboration.

I will pass on more news about it as I develop it, though for now, here’s why I came up with the name: ‘Art Clast’ will be the title of The Art Classroom’s podcast and will be hosted on iTunes and numerous other feed options. It is called ‘Art Clast’ for many reasons, firstly due to its nature, you will be ‘art classed’. It is also a class podcast and so the amalgamation of the words will help people get it out there quicker. Lastly and most interestingly, a ‘Clast’ is a piece or fragment from a larger rock, in the same way that the podcast is a small fragment from the larger blog. Clever huh?

Keep tuned for details.

Living Without Prejudice

I have finally finished the book I made with pupils from Lochgilphead Joint Campus. It’s full of wonderful digital imagery and quotes from the S3 pupils. It’ll be on show at the Scottish Learning Festival 2010 accompanied by short films of the images and text. I am very excited about it.

Jackie Zom-B


Jackie B (S3 from Lochgilphead) is full of surprises. One of her most extreme surprises are these little gems below. She gets together with a few friends in her spare time and makes short zombie films. The use of special effects are really impressive for something that is essentially shot on a mobile phone.

The town of Lochgilphead and its surrounding areas is small and quiet, so it’s perfect to shoot something like this. Zombie shots need desolation and emptiness. These are by no means Jackie’s attempt to be really hard hitting and professional, for her, they’re something to do, a little mess around. Have a little fun and do something creative. What better way to spend your day?

Those regular readers or people who know me out there will know that this very much, ‘my cup of tea’. I love horror films and dressing up for Halloween. It’s quite hard to pull off a good zombie, but the use of contacts, the lack of care for clothes and skin when it comes to adding blood and getting a believable walk are the three main keys to perfecting a zombie. Jackie looks absolutely fantastic.

I have also had the chance to see some short clips that Jackie has produced with a friend and I hope that she will get a chance to make them into a short film or a show reel, because they really were very scary. With the right music and sound effects, she could make Romero or the Shaun of the Dead crew tremble.

Jackie is currently working on more youtube videos and will probably be scaring the skeleton out of you soon. Carefully watch this space…

Jim Quigley (1946 – 2010)

I attended the memorial and wake of Jim Quigley yesterday. Sadly, his body had given in to terminal cancer, though I was delighted to know that his spirit had not. He had enjoyed his life right up to his last moments, which were spent socialising with family and friends. It was a beautiful service with lots of mixed emotions and truly memorable moments.

I had met Jim a while back at my student placement for my teaching degree at Notre Dame High School. He was a funny and caring man who was looking forward to his retirement and catching up on some fishing, after many years of grafting as a teacher. I remember going for a drink with him on his last day and he was talking about some of the many interesting moments of his career with never a negative word said about any of them. I can only hope that my ongoing career will be as busy and meaningful.

The little fish image above is something I made for him when he was leaving the Notre Dame Art Department. My thoughts are with his family.