Modern Art Fair

It’s always tough as a teacher, competing with television, cinema and gaming. It seems that a lot of male pupils’ spare time revolves around Modern Warfare 2, even though most are below the recommended certificated age. I thought I’d try and put together a quick poster to attract the attention of some of these pupils.

By combining the point of view from MW2 and Roy Lichenstien’s ‘Whaam’, I was trying to show the similarities between art and gaming. I think that people forget that art inspired photography, photography inspired film and film inspired gaming.

The poster is free to download in ‘the box’ (bottom of right hand column).

Television, The Drug Of The Nation

George M (S2, OLSP) gave me this drawing a few days ago. I told him that it should be cleaned up and the lines should be darkened. I also asked him why he drew that view and he had said that it stood out. Something about the way everything was sitting had attracted him to draw it, and I’m glad he did. It’s such a beautiful drawing, even without the digital clean and the text, there’s something incredibly mesmerising about it.

The piece speaks on many levels about what it’s like to grow up as a teenager in modern society. We see a TV, a sky box and various other paraphernalia that distract young people from being creative. So it’s profound that George chose to sit down and draw them, it’s very clever, even if that wasn’t entirely his plan. Great work George.