Answers Of The Week

I normally ask my students a weird question to think about until I see them again. Some of them almost immediately forget, some of them need to be reminded, some of them ask about it, some of them really sit and think about the answer, but few actually research it and return to me with a written answer. Eimer M and Rebecca D (S1, OLSP) kindly provided me with their answers written down. I was so surprised and amazed by their answers that I had to feature them here. They researched my gross but interesting colour theory question; ‘Why are bogeys always green?’

I’m sure this was a shock for their parents when they were signing off this homework, but I am totally grateful to the two girls for their enthusiasm and interest. I can’t wait to get their points of view from some of my other ‘TOTW’ questions. Well done Eimer & Rebecca!

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