Tasja’s feLINES

This week’s featured artwork comes from Tasja (S3, OLSP). She’s working on her initial drawing for her design unit. She will take her chosen animal and design three dimensional forms and patterns with it, but it is this first drawing on her investigation sheet that the judges will see.

Tasja hasn’t exactly captured her resource, though I’m glad she hasn’t, she’s added more of her own self into the drawing and that is much more interesting to me that an exact duplicate. Looking at the style, I can see that she is interested in graphic/comic style art, the Cheetah’s face is almost human, it’s protruding chin and sculpted face, it resembles a male human face.

She focuses on details of pattern and width of line. By changing the thickness of her line, she makes her drawing interesting to look at, as well as making her drawing easy to look at by varying her lines. Use of dynamic curves (thicker lines on the bends or curves of lines) gives her drawing an air of action. The animal is standing still, though looks like it could pounce at any point. A great piece of work.

4 thoughts on “Tasja’s feLINES”

  1. I love this,its so realistic,though yet still appears to me as having a cartoon element,its fab!

  2. It’s a weird one Louise isn’t it? You can tell it’s face is a little ‘wrong’ proportionately, though it’s wrong in a very good way. It’s what artists usually call ‘a happy accident’. It is brilliant though…

  3. I think this is fab, part subject and part Tasjas character. The use of tonal shading is really well done. I also appreciate the time she spent on the skin where no two spots are the same.

    Truly patient and truly talented, well done !


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