Whoodoo The Voodoo?

These weird little characters are Pon & Zi, two little Voodoo dolls. Meaghann M (S2, OLSP) has created her own adaptation of them into a little book. The 12 page book is full of twisted little stories and weird interactions between the two dolls. For many of our young readers, you’ll probably know who these characters are, for our older readers; consider them to be ‘Love is…’ if it was written by the Brothers Grimm. I don’t normally like when students use characters that already exist, though Meaghann has added her own slant to the characters. The drawings are black pen on paper, though colour was added afterwards in Photoshop.

Laura’s Pad

Laura O‘s (S1, OLSP) sketch pad is a delight to look through, even though it’s just been started, she has been quickly filling it with sketches, doodles, full page pieces and little ideas. I could spend an hour showing you and describing the work, though I thought I’d pick a few of my favourites and give Laura back her pad so she can work in it some more.

I really love the piece above, it reminds me of a storyboard from a film. The girl’s shirt is nicely drawn, the grid pattern and buttons are nicely detailed, though in a stylistic way. Below, Laura has worked on a colour sketch of a monkey, this is based on work she is currently doing with Miss Kusch in art class, creating a cover for Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’.

Brave The Waves

Three of my S1 classes were involved in a Cutty Sark transitional project with Our Lady & St Pat’s High School as primary pupils. When they arrived to me as new S1 pupils in the school, I decided to take their investigation drawings and have them make small collages for a short film. Pupils recorded thoughts on moving into secondary school, the fears, the expectations and these were edited (along with sound effects) into the final slide show film.

Not All Doom And Gloom

Here’s proof that all art does not have to be depressing and dramatic. Clair P (S6, Gleniffer) emailed this painting to me. She produced it as part of her higher. I love the style of it, it’s fun and colourful, very free and summery. It’s very unusual to see, as most portraits are either unemotional or show negative emotions and refreshing to see someone focus on some positive aspects of life in art for a change.

Cameron’s Cars

Cameron B (S1, OLSP) handed me a few drawings of cars. They were quick black and white, mixed media sketches, although they looked quite dynamic and I knew they could work with a little help. Cameron is very enthusiastic, though this can make his work look untidy and fuzzy at times, but there is a fix. If you are in a similar situation, my advice is to try and cut out your work to give it a hard defined edge.

The image above was digitally cut out in Photoshop and then placed on top of a background. As you can see, this has given the drawing some extra weight.