“Cats The Way To Do It”

This is the last post before the Xmas/New Year’s break and I have a nice work in progress to show to you. Megan B (S4, OLSP) has been working toward her Prelim Standard Grade Exam piece. She’s actually just started her prelim exam above and is using her previous piece and the original photo as her resources to work from.

There’s still a lot of work to do before her actual exam, though I think she’s well on her way. The subject is interesting, her proportions are very good and she’s observing the light and shades really well. Just a little work on tonal exercises and a bit more colour mixing theory should have her confident and ready to sit her actual exam. An excellent piece to end the year on…

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

Art Clast 2 – Modern Art Special

The second episode of the Art Clast Podcast is finally complete. The podcast is actually the report made to take part in the BBC School Reports competition. The Art Clast team created a report on the arguments for and against contemporary art. You’ll agree that they’ve done a fantastic job. Alison B has spent a lot of time editing the images and information together and Louise W and Paul C have been wrecking their heads scripting and discussing points of views for the sections.

Comment below and let us know what you think…

The Greenhouse Effect

Caitlin G (S6, OLSP) finishes off the shadowing on the leaves of the foliage in her drawing above. This botanical house piece has taken her weeks to finish, it’s an intricate pen drawing with an insane amount of detail. It’s form and use of dark and negative shapes help steer the eye around and across the work. This is just a small part of her advanced higher unit, if the rest of her work is touching anywhere near this one in quality, she should do extremely well.

Blooming Marvellous

Zara B (S3, OLSP) hasn’t used Neoprene or Felt before to make art, so the fact that this is the first time she’s used these materials and also the first time she’s used difficult tools such as hot glue guns and scalpels, she’s created a very impressive work. Zara is experimenting with materials to develop an idea to make a piece of lighting out of a floral theme. By investigating flowers through their shapes and patterns, colour and using different materials, she’ll be able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing an idea for her final piece.


Kyle, Nicole and Kieran (S2, OLSP, Top, Middle & Bottom Above) finish off the vines on their amazing Timorous Beasties co-ordinate pattern. They will then photograph them and make a pattern to repeat on a surface such as wallpaper, upholstery or textiles. Ryan (S2, OLSP, Below) takes time to consider what kind of vines, stems and leaves he will place around his Weevil motifs.

She’s Got A Sting In Her Tail

After producing a powerful and detailed 3D relief piece around child slavery and third world labour for her last unit, you would think Cara T (S2, OLSP) would rest on her laurels. Fortunately for us she’s still working away and is producing a gruesome pattern based on the Timorous Beasties range. Below, Cara simplifies and traces her tonal drawing to make the main motif for her co-ordinate (working space that then produces a pattern).


Up, Up And Away

Some of my S2 pupils have been designing a Superhero for a competition run by the library service of West Dunbartonshire. The competition winner will win an original piece of artwork by artist Gary Erskine, as well as have their idea enlarged and framed professionally. I wish everyone who took part the best of luck. Some examples of which are below, I’ll discuss each one in detail, show you more and credit the artists later on this week.