L’Arrivée D’un Train En Gare De La Ciotat

Calum (S2, OLSP) has a huge interest in cinema, so when he had the idea to do something around cinema for his 3D relief piece, I informed him about The Arrival  of a Train at La Ciotat Station. The rumour about one of the first films was that when it was shown in 1895, people saw the train coming right for them in the screen, screamed and ran to the back of the cinema. The myth itself holds greater fame than the actual facts around the film, though there must be some truth behind the story.

Calum’s piece is full of great details, he has done a magnificent job on the train and cinema seats using Oil Pastels. Using tissue for the curtains is a clever move too and his use of hot glue to carefully fix everything together has been immaculate, this makes the piece look very professional. I gave Calum some help trimming out the people with a scalpel, but full praise to him, he’s created an amazing ‘Artwork of the Week’.

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