11 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran Logos”

  1. No, of course not, please do go ahead!

    (apologies for the misspelling of Mr Sheeran’s surname, schoolboy error!)
    Seeing him play on the 31st in London, extremely excited 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Not sure what all this spelling talk is about haha but exciting news..!!.. i’m gonna be filming backstage at a couple of Ed’s gigs on his new tour! p.s Did you come up with his trademark paw print?

  3. No, Ed had already decided that the Paw Print was going to be his symbol and was wanting his logo to resemble Just Jack. I customised it for his Mum, so he wouldn’t get sued, though I think they just ended up going with the clip art one… Unless Ed had drawn it himself? By the time I started doing little bits, Ed had already signed to Atlantic and so it was all a bit pointless.

  4. No… I never really was. It was done as a favour to his mum. I worked for her a few years ago. Not too sure who’s doing it, the record company design partner I guess.

  5. Ah ok, gotcha! Met his friend Random Impulse at a Japan fundraiser that Ed was also playing at…and we’ve been chatting since and he’s supporting him on 2 dates in October and he offered 😀 Rather excited!

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