Just a quick photo of Paula A’s (S1, OLSP) initial drawing for her ‘weak’ lamb based on the colour theory and Fauvism-like style of Franz Marc (as pointed out by Darla below, Marc was actually part of ‘The Blue Rider’ movement). This is for a project based on ‘Fit4Life’, a Curriculum for Excellence initiative that highlights healthy living throughout all subjects. I just love this work already, hopefully she can do it justice when she reaches the painting stage. She’s already captured Marc’s stylised shapes, so I’m sure she can pull it off. I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

2 thoughts on “Fee-Fi-Fauv-Fum”

  1. Marc wasn’t a Fauve. He was part of Der Blaue Reiter and was in fact a founding member.

  2. You are correct Darla, Marc is not a Fauvist, thanks for pointing that out… I guess I thought of a good title and likened him to the style. Maybe I should focus on facts rather than trying to be clever with wordplay… 🙂

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