Franz Marc’s The Spot

My S1 Pupils (11-12 year old) from OLSP have been working on a ‘fit for life’ project that involves them using colour theory to convey health. Looking at the work of Franz Marc (a German Expressionist who gave meaning to the colours he used), pupils had to paint a strong or weak animal using these colours. I found it really hard to choose one of them for ‘artwork of the week’, so I’ve decided to go for four choices this week.

Jean M has painted a very weak and hurt horse. She has done an incredible job on the tone and texture of the animals skin and it’s eye shows so much emotion.

Emily M has also painted a weak horse, though has gone for using brighter tones of colour. The animal still looks fragile due to the way Emily has painted the horses legs. I really like the intense reds she has added to show the dark tones on the animal.

Jodie B has created a beautiful painting of a little weak lamb. It’s impressive how she has used comforting reds to surround the lamb and make it look like it is protected by the background.

Rebecca D has painted a strong Flamingo. Although it looks like a weak animal, she has used strong blue hues and vivid oranges to bring out the strength of the animal. Though, it’s not that clear cut, the same blue makes the bird look very sad and lonely.

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