Breakfast, Breakfaster

Emily G (S3, OLSP) sat her Standard Grade Expressive Exam a few weeks ago and I have only gotten ’round to taking the images off my phone. Here is the best photo I’ve taken of her pastel piece based on the ‘Breakfast’ theme, it had to be taken in a hurry as the pieces were sent for marking right after the exam finished. I love her use of vivid colours along with that great capturing of the breakfast spoon and its reflections.


Becoming A Professional Artist / Designer – Part 3

This section is more important than being skilled or even interested in art. Networking is extremely important to initial artists to gain a reputation and also very important to established ones to keep that reputation. Technology and social networking has changed the way we connect to people, I know that most who read this will already have a profile on a social network, though there are specific channels you can try to help and push your talents.

1. It’s sometimes helps to create a pseudonym to help make yourself remember-able or to keep your creative career separate from your personal or business side. A pseudonym can be a fake name, a label or designer tag or even just a different spelling of your own name.

2. Show off among your friends. Put photos of your work up on your Facebook, your Twitter or on your favourite forums. (I would not bother with Myspace as it’s a sea of music flyers and self promotion anyway, you’ll just get lost amongst the rest).

3. Join relevant social networks such as Deviant Art, Linked In orΒ  99 Designs.

4. Create a business card for passing out into the real world. Vistaprint is always cheap and provides fast, high-quality cards.

5. Circulate your sample work among the relevant companies. The Writers and Artists Handbook is a great resource for contacts.

6. Always check your local arts councils for commissions and awards.

7. Keep in contact with anyone artistic you meet, Art Teachers, Art Tutors and other artistic peers will always look out for each other.

8. Everyone you converse with could be a future client or a pathway to another job. (I once got design work from buying a sandwich from a sandwich shop, presume that everyone will, at some point, need your talents).

9. Create a Pullfolio and use it to sell yourself.

10. Enter competitions, you never know…


Spray Away

Chris E (OLSP, S4) sat his Expressive Exam, creating this piece for marking. The work was created by carving a rubber tile for printing, a background was made using tissue paper and spray paints. This was a very risky piece to create under exam conditions as anything could have gone wrong with the tile or timing issues, though he pulled it off and I think he created an interesting piece of work.

Shopping For A Dress

This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from Stephanie (OLSP, S5). Stephanie created this fabulous design with Mrs Nicholson for her Higher Design Unit. She worked with me on the final piece, creating the idea using Photoshopping techniques. It was amazing to see Stephanie learn the application within hours of tutoring. Something that had taken me weeks, even months to learn, was grasped by her in under a day. Remarkable work from a remarkable student.