Living Without Prejudice Book At The Scottish Parliament

The book ‘Living Without Prejudice‘ or ‘A Life Without Prejudice‘ will be featured as part of the exhibition ‘Developing Global Citizenship‘ in Scottish Parliament (Holyrood) over the next few days (21st-24th June 2011).

I was given an invite, though unfortunately I was not able to make the preview. I hope that those who were able to make it, enjoyed it. We can only hope that some of our established ministers had a chance to see what was being created in the schools around them. I for one, am very proud of the work created by the Lochgilphead pupils who I had the chance to work with. Above is the short film that was created by the pupils with images from the book (unfortunately this short film will not be displayed in the exhibition).

You can read more about the event on the Learning, Teaching Scotland blog.

If Picasso Were Alive To Witness 9/11

Kayleigh M (S2, OLSP) adds finishing touches to her modern Guernica inspired painting. Based on 9/11 and the attack on the the twin towers, it’s no lighthearted piece of work. She has researched her painting by working on an investigation drawing, then developing her ideas into a small plan which was enlarged to create the layout for her large painting. Kayleigh has obviously paid attention to lots of Picasso’s methods like the pattern windows, which is typical Picasso. She has also used dark contrasting greys to make her lighter greys and whites stand out, drawing the viewers eye to those areas. Nice work.

Modern Day Guernica

Kara W (OLSP, S2) is working on a modern age Guernica painting. Above you can see the various stages that she has worked through to finalize her idea for the Obama themed work. Kara and her peers were asked to pick a news story to paint their own version of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ to, her choice was the election of the first black president in the USA.