Begging To Be Seen

This week’s chosen artwork is a sneak peek at the piece that Sammy M is entering into the Aesthetica Creative Competition. Sammy spent around two months of lunch times planning, painting and pencilling the work above. Those in the know will remember her from a few posts ago, she won a ‘Design a Superhero’ competition. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a beautiful and emotive piece of work. I’m wishing her luck on behalf of all that visit the blog.

Art Clast 3 – Animation Special


The third and final episode of Art Clast for this term (2010-2011) has been uploaded to Youtube and iTunes. You can watch all three episodes and even subscribe if you like them. Below is the animation special, which I feel is by far the best episode yet. Great work from the Art Clast podcasters yet again.

If you’d like to subscribe to the iTunes podcast, visit here.


Black Box

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but have I a treat for you. ‘Black Box‘ is a short horror/thriller film created by the OLSP Film Making Club 2010-2011. They have been working on it for around three months and have given up every lunch time they can to help shoot, edit and compose what you see below. Making these short films may not look like a lot of work, but it really is, every pupil must be loyal to the club and consistent with what they wear as any lapse in continuity in the shooting would be really obvious. Nathan B, Aidan McQ, Callum M, along with founding member of the OLSP Film Making ClubBruce G have done a magnificent job on the project. The eagle eyed among you will also notice Laura O’D, who’s work has been featured on the blog a lot, she’s also a member of the ‘Art Clast’ podcast. Sure, I lent a hand in offering supervision and experience, but the club were very skilled in sorting out shooting and editing. It was a real pleasure to watch them work so fluidly.

I must warn those who are about to click the video below that some scenes are weird and downright disturbing, so be prepared.

Watch the film right the way through, even until the end of the credits, it’s worth it.

To give you an idea of the storyline, the Black Box is a mysterious concept. The meaning behind the term ‘Black Box’ is something that works from an input to an output, you know what goes in and what comes out, but you don’t know what happens in the middle… ‘The Black Box’. This, along with the idea that a Black Box records an aeroplane’s final incident/accident and remains virtually indestructible creates the meaning of the film. In other words, the Black Box is weird, those who pick it up are involved in an ‘incident’ and it traps and records their last moments, creepy huh?

Let me know your thoughts on the film and whether you like it or not.