Homies Collection 1

I have a nice varied selection of work to show you today, below is a great paint by numbers example by Megan P (S1, OLSP). I wouldn’t normally feature a paint by numbers as I prefer originally drawn work, though Megan has painted the canvas board really well, she’s also included glitter (which you can’t really see in the photo) and I’m a real sucker for glitter.

Nicole C (S1, OLSP) has provided the fun example of her name below. I really like the style of the lettering and the colours used. You can never have enough hearts or flames.

Murdo D (S2, OLSP) provides an insight into what he thinks school is like. Looks like a place filled with brain dead zombies, unable to talk, imprisoned in their own bodies. You should become a teacher Murdo… you don’t know the half of it… hehe

And finally for this set Alison C (S1,OLSP) has drawn these disturbing staring eyes. I’m not too sure if I should be freaked out as they seem to stare into my soul, or to be very upset as they look very sad, on the verge of crying.

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