Homies Collection 2

Continuing on with my rather large accumulated collection of work that pupils do at home, Susan M (S1, OLSP) shows us two fantastical colour pieces. Her mermaid above and elephant below. I really enjoy the colours and simplicity of the elephant. It reminds me a little of ‘Emer the Elephant’ made famous through the childrens’ book. She also makes hand-made bracelets, the cute piggy bracelet being an example (below). Lovely work, a bit of fine tuning and I could see her stuff for sale on Etsy.

Sammy C (S2, OLSP) shows us her self proclaimed ‘A+’ doodle. I really like the bold chunky type, it screams confidence.

Cara Jane B (S1, OLSP) draws a sketch of a ragged fairy above, while below Tessa F (S2, OLSP) has customised her own alternative Hello Kitty.

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