Familiar Guy

Jamie J (S4, OLSP) has been working on drawings for an animation. He started with drawings that looked a lot like Family Guy and Simpsons characters, but he is quickly finding his own style  (a nice amalgamation of the two), an example of which, you’ll see above. I helped Jamie colour the drawing to make it look more professional, I can’t wait to see more of his ideas and maybe even try and animate them.

2 thoughts on “Familiar Guy”

  1. Great art work. I wish to congratulate Jamie J for his drawing. He is such a talent. I appreciate him. Thanks mate 🙂

  2. Thank you Tom, I really appreciate that at first my drawings were really boring, simple and boring but i started to experiment with them and with the help of my good friend and teacher Mr Dunlop i am just that little bit closer to achieving my dream and just to hear that from someone makes it all worth while.

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