Kent Williams is an amazing figurative painter. I first came across his work through comic books such as ‘Wolverine & Havok’ or ‘Tell Me Dark’ way back in the early nineties. He quickly removed himself from that ‘graphic artist’ pigeonholing and started releasing life drawing / fine art sketchbooks.

His work can be adult orientated as he does feature a lot of life drawing, though his technique with oils is absolutely beautiful and he was an absolute inspiration for me moving from Secondary School into University.

Williams’ style has moved from stylistic and representative, to a surrealist one. Now often resembling Dali, his figures remain photographic, almost frozen in a dance-like pose among a collage of incredibly delicate shapes.

One thought on “KW”

  1. Those pictures are marvellous. Your blog is good, and the pictures really enhanced it. Learnt something – thanks!

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