Emma D’s Machinature CD

Emma D (S3, OLSP) has been working hard to finish off her CD Booklet Design that she has created along with the rest of her classmates.

Each pupil had to draw, colour, scribble and paint four separate studies, as well as create two separate transparent prints and write a set of lyrics for a song.

The studies, based on the conflict between nature and machines focused on plants, cogs, circuitry and animal patterns.

Emma’s patterns are extremely neat and vivid, her pen work is interesting and dramatic and along with her fun and dynamic robot painting, she has created a wonderful CD booklet.

The process wasn’t just visual images, Emma and her class were asked to produce or customise a song/lyrics to feature in the booklet. Emma’s lyrics below are based around a song by Adele, though read as if they should be in a Radiohead album.

A beautiful booklet and a great object to keep and look back on in years to come, great work Emma.

Off Their Trolley

Class S1CF5 have put this amazing trolley together in a single period as a collaboration between Art & Design and English. Working with Miss Clarkin, they are looking at ‘Spit Nolan’ by Bill Naughton and are attempting to create a modern day version of the cart in the tale. The trolley has been created by cutting cardboard, rolling paper and covering the whole lot with glue stick and tin foil.