A Beautiful Study

This work from home isn’t from one of my pupils, but I saw it and thought it was so good that I had to feature it. The portrait, by Holly McP (S5), appears to be a quick sketch of a young woman or girl, though upon closer inspection you can see how thoughtful Holly has been in selecting where she was going to place each of her lines and how her tonal scribbles would add form to the subject’s body and hair. The secret to Holly’s drawing is that it looks as if she has created it very quickly, it also looks as if every carefree line that she has placed is in a nearly perfect position. I’m sure this is not the case, I believe that Holly had spent a good length of time on this image and that it was very carefully considered, but if she did just sketch it out in a few minutes she’s an utter genius. If she didn’t, she’s still an utter genius for making us think that she did…

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