David Carson, Raygun & The End Of Print

David Carson was a typographer way ahead of his time. I didn’t know about the man when I first saw his work, though I do remember seeing my first copy of Raygun Magazine and thinking, ‘Wow… is this magazine handmade?’ I’d never seen graphic design like it, it flipped everything you had ever thought about magazine design. Photos covered the whole page and text was placed every which way, some of it was even hidden or off the page.

Raygun Magazine ran from the early nineties until the early naughties, producing about seventy issues. It wasn’t just a magazine to catch up with gossip or to read an article about your favourite band. It was a work of art. Every page could have easily been ripped out and framed for show.

The magazine itself never had a set logo, it's typeface would change with
every issue. This was and still is quite an amazing ri
sk to take. Branding is everything, though it wasn't the font
                                        that was recognisable, it was the layo


You can check out more of Carson’s work through the Links:



http://en.w    WIKI LINK  4 RAYGUN    gazine%29


One thought on “David Carson, Raygun & The End Of Print”

  1. I was confused and thrilled by Raygun- it was such a grown-ups magazine (i.e. I totally couldn’t afford to buy it).

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