Sily Mi

An ex-pupil of mine, Jordan R (Former Gleniffer pupil) has been setting up his own fashion brand and asked me if I would design some logos for him. The brand ‘Say It Like You Mean It – Reworked’ is an extremely long brand name. I had told him of my preference to just keep it as ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ which I was then able to abbreviate to ‘Sily Mi’. This adds more connotations to the branding and I believe it makes it more interesting. I hope he likes it, what do you think?

In Fitness Or In Mental Health

This week’s AOTW comes from Alison C (S1, OLSP). Alison has been working with her classmates on a project looking at physical and mental health. This chalk and charcoal sketch was a study of a similar piece by Glasgow Artist Peter Howson. Howson paints physically strong men who are usually sad, poverty stricken and unhappy in their situation. Alison has shown great skill and patience looking in her work, it’s a shame it remains unfinished, though it’s still a great artwork. Well done Alison.

Disaster And Emergency ILC News

Here is the news programme that my S2 classes made for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ unit. The project was part of an ‘Integrated Learning Challenge’ which every subject took part in. The animations were created by making moving paintings that were either stop animated or by way of puppets. I’d also like to thank Kerry and Scott that were kind enough and talented enough to present the programme.