Crime Watch

C.J. B. (S1, OLSP) has been working on crime identikits for her whole school project called ‘WIKID’. The project takes part in all subjects and focuses on forensics, crime investigation and crime procedures. To enable the project to work, pupils were given two photos and asked to swap all head features with classmates. This meant that the resource they finally created looks nothing like the pupil drawing it and it also means that images and drawings of faces can be shown without them actually resembling the pupil, and in C.J.’s case, that’s a really good thing, because if C.J. had drawn a self portrait it would have resembled her so much that I wouldn’t be able to show her work off.

C.J. has used various methods to bring tone into her drawing. Hatching and cross-hatching, different pressures on the pencil, varying weights of line and very keen observations. She has made sure that she has tried to capture as many of the shapes and sizes of the different elements of the face as possible. This can be done first of all, by drawing an upside down egg and halving it down and across the middle to find the eye line, then halving it again for nose, then again for mouth. For an S1 pupil, I think it’s a marvelous piece of work, I can’t wait to see it all mounted up to look like a crime record. Well done C.J.

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