Dumbarton’s Dumbest Criminals

The short film below was created by one of my S1 classes. The pupils created masks to make a parody of ‘America’s Dumbest Criminals’. Thanks to their imagination and some excellent vocal skills. The film was created for a challenge based on crime and investigation. My pupils each created a crime profile like the one above and then all worked on the short film below. I’m so happy with the results, I hope you like them too.

The character shots showing the masks are below.

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Lucy M (OLSP, S6) has just finished her Advanced Higher. For the design part of the unit she had created a perfume bottle, called ‘Occupy’, based around the urban environment. The bottle itself was conceived from crushed cans and spray paint cans, along with various street influenced art and surroundings.

The bottle itself was created by making a maquette out of crushed cans, bottles, lids and nozzles. A latex mould was then created from the maquette and then clear resin was poured and left to set in the two halves of the mould.

The bottle was then filed and a spray nozzle was created for it, it was painted and then placed into customised packaging.

A logo and marketing posters were created for the product along with a promotional bag and scarf. A great piece of work, with so many different (and professional) elements.