‘And In The End… She Did It Her Way!’

The great image below was taken and photoshopped by Fran K (S5, OLSP). It was created as part of my given task to compose a piece of work that embodied the surreal ethics of Manray. Fran focused on making her head look like a still life object and inserted it into a school locker. Considering she has just started taking photographs and that she has used Photoshop for a few hours, this is a marvelous feat. Fran had been featured on AOTW a few years back, though I feel her work just gets better and better.

‘And In The End… I Did It Manray!’

I’m currently teaching Intermediate Photography with a mixture of S5 and S6 pupils. A good starting place is to look at the work of Manray and try to put his ethos into your own photograph. Pupils looked at the way he objectifies parts of the body, often making them look like a still life and how he composes multiple photographs together into a single image. They then have to compose their own Manray image. The image above was my exemplar, taken of my friend and colleague, Miss McInnes (OLSP, PT). It was created by taking a shot of the stool on it’s own, then taking a shot with Miss McInnes and photoshopping the Β images together to form a surreal composite.