Killing Time


I haven’t really updated the work from home section in a long time and have a huge backlog of doodles and drawings to get through, so to try and keep everyone happy, I will try and feature one piece of work from each pupil. If you’d like to see more from any single individual, let me know and I will sort something out, otherwise, enjoy the variety.


Above, Nicole H (S2, OLSP) gives us a weird, surreal, but very entertaining poster image. The bun character looks insane, though it is mildly discerning that it is labelled ‘Mum’. I have a hundred questions about it, but don’t want to ask them as any answer that was given would not be as rewarding as looking at that image. Below, Lauren C (S2, OLSP) has drawn a beautifully simple bird drawing on ripped paper. there is something very sad and lonely about this image, I love it.



Above; Hana K (S2, OLSP), who has been previously featured (1/2) provides us with this very graphic and stylised face drawing. I really like the nearly non-existent nose, I would’ve liked it to have been completely removed. The pen work to fill in the shapes must have taken ages to do.

Poised & Focused


I have only recently discovered that Lois MΒ (S2, OLSP) takes photographs. She kindly brought a few examples in for me to see and I was blown away with how strong they were. Lois is in S2, so to have an understanding of framing, composition and contrast of shapes and forms when snapping a shot is very impressive.


Lois has used the surrounding structures in Glasgow very successfully to attract the eye to the background of the image as well as reflecting the shapes in the lower half of her pictures, creating a broken symmetry and an interesting pattern. Her use of mixing strong, bold colours along with very stark and drastic monotone black and white shots make her selection here very accessible, almost telling a story or setting a scene.



She uses recognisable photographic compositions to achieve beautiful shots, middle symmetry above and leading lines below. Each attracting and moving the eye in a pre-determined manner across the image. The leading lines photos below are particularly strong, as our eyes are drawn into the centre of each photo, almost feeling like we are travelling through a tunnel or down a track, which I feel is really clever as the subjects (an avenue and a road) are all about movement and the journey.



I can’t wait to see more of Lois’ photographs and hope that she maybe tackles close ups, still life or portraiture next.

Face Paint


I haven’t taught Paula H for nearly a year now, so when I saw the higher work she had been creating with my friend and colleague, Miss McInnes, my mouth dropped open. Last year, she fought so hard to achieve a good result in her Standard Grade exam, getting a ‘1’ for her oil pastel self-portrait. The work she is creating now, makes her older work look like a monkey drew it. Below are just some highlights of her new painting skills and her highly analytical pencil drawings. Truly amazing.



UPDATE: She’s also just finished the painting below, I had to take another photo and show it off. Great work.


Tae A Moose

My friend and colleague, Miss McInnes, recently supervised the creation of a shadow puppet film based on Robert Burns’ ‘Tae A Moose’. The short film was shown as part of Our Lady & St Patrick’s High School‘s Burns’ Supper 2013. Some of the imagery is absolutely beautiful, very sombre and full of emotion. I managed to lend a helping hand, though can claim no other credit other than for stealing a copy of it to show off on this blog. Enjoy…

Making An Impression



Jeannine H (S4, OLSP) has been trying hard do refine her pastel work and try and show off her strokes and colour skills. By using a pointillism technique, Jeannine has been able to take control of her previously messy oil pastel work and make it look like an old master. This technique takes time and patience, though she has done such a good job on this trial for her expressive exam, I had to make it an ‘Artwork of the Week’ and show you all this bright, bold and delightful landscape.

Who Do The Voodoo?

I’ll tell you who… Abby B and Laura O’D, who are members of my film club. They’ve created this amazing video (by themselves, I was off school ill) on knife crime for entry into the ‘No knives, better lives.’ 2013 competition. I really like the idea and their film work, especially the multi-angle shots during the crime, it sets up a dramatic backdrop for story telling.

Update: Voting is now over and the video has been selected as a finalist, thank you all for your help.