Poised & Focused


I have only recently discovered that Lois M (S2, OLSP) takes photographs. She kindly brought a few examples in for me to see and I was blown away with how strong they were. Lois is in S2, so to have an understanding of framing, composition and contrast of shapes and forms when snapping a shot is very impressive.


Lois has used the surrounding structures in Glasgow very successfully to attract the eye to the background of the image as well as reflecting the shapes in the lower half of her pictures, creating a broken symmetry and an interesting pattern. Her use of mixing strong, bold colours along with very stark and drastic monotone black and white shots make her selection here very accessible, almost telling a story or setting a scene.



She uses recognisable photographic compositions to achieve beautiful shots, middle symmetry above and leading lines below. Each attracting and moving the eye in a pre-determined manner across the image. The leading lines photos below are particularly strong, as our eyes are drawn into the centre of each photo, almost feeling like we are travelling through a tunnel or down a track, which I feel is really clever as the subjects (an avenue and a road) are all about movement and the journey.



I can’t wait to see more of Lois’ photographs and hope that she maybe tackles close ups, still life or portraiture next.

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