National 5 Compare Questions

exam time management

I have just finished the revision sheets for the comparative questions for the National 5 Pre-lim Exam. They are mainly made for my class, though it will give you an idea of how to make your own revision tables for your own artists and designers. The revision sheets are available for download from THE BOX at the bottom of the right column (They are labelled ‘NAT 5 COMPARE.pdf’), or you can access them HERE.

Spoiler Review 1 – Tomatoes

This is the start of a brand new series of funny, short reviews that are either utterly pointless or immensely clever… You decide. Created by the original founding members of the Art Clast and OLSP Film Making groups I find that these little shorts are on par with material that is finding fame on YouTube and Vine. Artwork created in schools can be funny and the amount of thought, production, planning and skill to produce these little short reviews are just as respectable as time spent on a drawing or painting. In this first episode Bruce reviews tomatoes… Enjoy.

Address To The Devil

The long awaited last of a trilogy of shadow puppet films based on the poems of Robert Burns. This short film, based on Robert Burns’ ‘Address To A De’il’, has been created by my two S1 classes in less than a week. Pupils storyboarded the poem and created the puppets and filmed the scenes. I edited the work together adding narration by Miss McInnes and some CC music.

Disaster & Emergency ’13

This is the new video by my two S2 classes created for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ Integrated Learning Challenge. Each pupil was asked to choose a place and a natural method of destruction to create a puppetry / animated scene. Pupils worked in pairs to create their scenes which were then amalgamated into this short news broadcast. I think that Erin and Laticia have done a great job anchoring the broadcast. You can watch the older ILC News broadcast here: ILC NEWS 2011.