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BBC NEWS Games Special

The Art Clast team have been working very hard in completing a report for the BBC News School Report. They focused on games this year, highlighting addiction, underage gaming and the effects of violence and sexual imagery on players. It was quite a dark subject, so they tried to do it as a more light-hearted feature piece. You can watch the ‘rushed for air’ version here. There will be a longer, tighter edit posted up on YouTube soon.


The Art Clast BBC NEWS School Report Games Special

Art Clast 3 – Animation Special


The third and final episode of Art Clast for this term (2010-2011) has been uploaded to Youtube and iTunes. You can watch all three episodes and even subscribe if you like them. Below is the animation special, which I feel is by far the best episode yet. Great work from the Art Clast podcasters yet again.

If you’d like to subscribe to the iTunes podcast, visit here.


BBC School Report Day

Well, it’s BBC School Report Day, the Art Clast podcast team created a report for the event, though they were let down by poor correspondence from the BBC and the linking and broadcast of the report was not completed. It’s such a pity, as the report is one of the few that would have focused on how young people perceive art and culture around them. You can watch the report on Youtube  below.

Art Clast 2 – Modern Art Special

The second episode of the Art Clast Podcast is finally complete. The podcast is actually the report made to take part in the BBC School Reports competition. The Art Clast team created a report on the arguments for and against contemporary art. You’ll agree that they’ve done a fantastic job. Alison B has spent a lot of time editing the images and information together and Louise W and Paul C have been wrecking their heads scripting and discussing points of views for the sections.

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