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Disaster & Emergency 2016

Below; I just uploaded a never seen before ‘Disaster and Emergency’ stop animation by my S2, based on Munch’s ‘Scream’ painting. I don’t know why I never uploaded this before…? There was quite a lot of work put into making it. Creating the monoprints, filming the stop animation and editing the videos and sound effects. It’s pretty stressful to watch… So I won’t ask you to enjoy it.

The Pit-A-Pattern Of Your Heart

This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ comes from Holly M (S2). She was given the task of creating a sketchbook cover using a think permenant marker and a thin fine line pen. The use of thick and thin pens force pupils to think about their line usage and how to mix different weights of line to create a more interesting drawing. Holly had to create a repeat pattern to a brief that stated she use co-ordinates or chaotic pattern, both pens and no colour. She planned out several ideas and decided to go for this lace heart pattern; which I think is fab. 

Do Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Evie & Maria’s (S2) book cover design was a runner up for the Scottish Book Cover Competition 2016-2017. I love how they’ve bisected the cover, showing different characters from the book. 

Shannah’s (S6) photo cover of a frozen spider web and Niamh’s (S6) watercolour painting also received recognition for their entries. All four girls received book vouchers and a certificate for their skills. 

Eye See U



It’s been a while since I updated. Had lots and lots going on and non-digital life has taken over. Though if you are wanting a daily dose of The Art Classroom, you’re probably best following my Instagram account which you can find a link to on the right. This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from Niamh S (S1). She has been looking at portraiture and completed this lovely eye drawing as a homework. When she brought it in, it impressed her class and I thought it was worth showing you lot. Why does it work as a great study? Well… Niamh has closely looked at how an eye looks. She has included the tear duct, the pupil is nice and circular, the iris sits high in the eye and the eyebrow is contoured away from the nose. Add these into your drawings of eyes to make them more realistic.

Wanted! – Isla G’s Skills


Isla G is in my S1 class and is working towards finishing her Wanted Poster for a challenge based on crime and forensics. Her skills are really sharp for her age, her focus and drive betters most of the older pupils in my classes. This passion shows in her work, more realistic pieces due to good observation and fine detail through working into a drawing until it is right. She has a few minor touches to do on her pastel work, though her completed sheet can’t get much better than it is now.


Address To The Devil

The long awaited last of a trilogy of shadow puppet films based on the poems of Robert Burns. This short film, based on Robert Burns’ ‘Address To A De’il’, has been created by my two S1 classes in less than a week. Pupils storyboarded the poem and created the puppets and filmed the scenes. I edited the work together adding narration by Miss McInnes and some CC music.

A Great Start To A New Year



Lara M (S2, OLSP) has started off our new term in style with her great nameplate above. All pupils of the Art Classroom create an individual name plate, using hand drawn lettering, focusing on light pencil work when laying out, good use of spacing and proportion, inking and pen work using dynamic drawing techniques and tonal and shading with their newly taught colour theory.

Lara’s artwork is a great example of when the right choices are made and a good amount of drive and effort are put in to complete it. I can’t wait to see more of her work.