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Disaster & Emergency 2016

Below; I just uploaded a never seen before ‘Disaster and Emergency’ stop animation by my S2, based on Munch’s ‘Scream’ painting. I don’t know why I never uploaded this before…? There was quite a lot of work put into making it. Creating the monoprints, filming the stop animation and editing the videos and sound effects. It’s pretty stressful to watch… So I won’t ask you to enjoy it.

Da Bomb

Stephen M (P7 from St Paul’s) spent his morning completing this amazing collage of a bomber. It’s power and strength warns us about what can happen if we let hate and anger take over common sense.

He had to create a strong poster design to make people aware of the ‘folly of war’ working alongside teachers from Glasgow University.

I was really bowled over when I saw this image. The orange of the bomber contrasts the blue sky perfectly, the buildings are recognisable although they don’t need to look perfect. Stephen has drawn attention to the bombs by using a simple outlining technique. A successful and powerful collage. Great work.