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Laura’s Creepy Crawley



This week’s ‘AOTW’ comes from Laura H (S2/OLSP). She is working on an environmental building based on a house centipede. She is making a maquette of the centipede first and then developing some of the 3D elements into a factory building. This is part of a new engineering promotion initiative and her class is entered into a competition to try and win. If they all continue to be this good, I think we just might win it. Well done Laura!

Spots Before Your Eyes

Tasja L‘s cheetah drawing won ‘Artwork of the Week’ at the start of term last year, so it’s only fitting that her final mounted sheets win ‘Artwork of the Week’ at the start of this term. Tasja was absent for a great deal of the course, though when she was in, she worked hard on getting all the elements of her sheets completed, and as you can see, it was worth all the effort.

Tasja’s ideas are the key to this piece of lighting. Her final piece is a strange, though incredibly beautiful and simplistic product. It’s interesting form and colours far outweigh it’s gruesome inspiration and source. The centre of the lamp is based on a cheetah’s fur, while the outside comes from the cat’s mouth, its gums and teeth.

L’Arrivée D’un Train En Gare De La Ciotat

Calum (S2, OLSP) has a huge interest in cinema, so when he had the idea to do something around cinema for his 3D relief piece, I informed him about The Arrival  of a Train at La Ciotat Station. The rumour about one of the first films was that when it was shown in 1895, people saw the train coming right for them in the screen, screamed and ran to the back of the cinema. The myth itself holds greater fame than the actual facts around the film, though there must be some truth behind the story.

Calum’s piece is full of great details, he has done a magnificent job on the train and cinema seats using Oil Pastels. Using tissue for the curtains is a clever move too and his use of hot glue to carefully fix everything together has been immaculate, this makes the piece look very professional. I gave Calum some help trimming out the people with a scalpel, but full praise to him, he’s created an amazing ‘Artwork of the Week’.

What A Relief

This week’s artwork comes from the amazing Hannah K (S2, OLSP). Hannah has been working with the rest of her peers in trying to create a 3D relief piece about human endeavour or human achievement. I believe that Hannah’s piece is about community/networked lighting and features lots of buildings being illuminated by a similar means that Thomas Edison invented over 120 years ago.

Hannah’s work is so clean and immaculately done, from her deep black to pale white pastel gradients, through to her cutting and gluing. This attention to detail will make her relief piece look extremely professional and it should make her final 3D image really successful.

Have I Got News For You

Click on the image to see the animation

I’ve been trying to find a good way of displaying 3D images that I photographed at Breadalbane High in Aberfeldy. The images need to be viewed through 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph glasses, so unless you have a pair, you don’t really get the idea.

Messing around with the images, I decided to try and make a moving animated GIF to see if it maybe gave a better idea of the artwork. It might not be as good as viewing the image through the 3D glasses but it does give you an idea of the work in three dimensions.

‘The News at Ten’ is a relief piece created by Hazel D (S3, Breadalbane). The piece focuses on our obsession with television and news and how the news media uses shock tactics and highlights things that are wrong, rather than things that may be going right. This onslaught of negative imagery makes us feel bad, frightened or threatened and therefore makes us watch more news to stay informed.

Hazel had such a tough time trying to keep the large papier mache fist stable and protruding. It’s weight and awkwardness made what should have been an easy gluing task, an absolute nightmare. All the effort was worth it though, the work is powerful and pushes itself onto the viewer, reflecting points that it’s trying to put across. A great success out of a multitude of problems. Well done Hazel.

Inner Flora

A bit of a strange artwork this week. ‘Lost in time’ a piece by Flora S (S3, Breadalbane) is a relief piece that has been created for the Young Brits at Art competition. The relief was then photographed from two angles and made into a 3D image.

Flora plays with our perceptions of time and reality. She questions what our ideas of prejudice are by actually questioning what we’re told what prejudice is. Do we know when it happens because we instinctively know what it is, or do we see it because we are told that that’s what it is?

She has taken an awkward route, to actually confront the idea of the theme itself, though I was really interested in her idea, her contrary outlook and her final creation.

One of the key elements of the judging for the competition is ‘to have a thought provoking’ piece, and Flora’s piece has definitely made me think.

(The image below can be viewed with 3D Red & Blue Anaglyph Glasses).

The Art Classroom In 3D

Most family films (especially animations) are released in 3D now. 3D seems to have re-appeared after a slow demise in the eighties and early nineties. Sure, the technology is slightly more advanced and the picture is slightly sharper, but the idea is still the same. Take two photographs, one from the right eye, one from the left, make them red and blue, merge them over each other at a converging point and there you go; a 3D image.

Channel 4 is running a week of 3D programming, this means that most people in the UK should have a pair of 3D glasses in their home at the minute. I thought that this would be the perfect time to try some 3D images of art pieces in The Art Classroom.

The images might not be as successful as professional ones you usually encounter, though hopefully you’ll get something rewarding from each image. Photographs are taken with an iPhone, then opened in Photoshop to make black and white and merge together.

Let me know if any of these images were successful or unsuccessful for you. I would quite like to try a unit with unique 3D pupil artwork. If you have Photoshop and a camera and you’re wanting to try this yourself, watch the video below: