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About Face

What better way to start my new fresh faced blog than to focus on a great artistic pupil who I have been working with for the past year. Chantelle M (S5, OLSP) is an amazing artist on every level; driven, full of emotion and substance, observant and taking everything in – like a human sponge.


For her Higher Expressive Unit this year she focused on self portraiture and explored the idea of morphing faces, emotions and body parts fading in and out of consciousness. Her final piece (above) looked at the idea of what exists and doesn’t, is the subject fading from view or is she trying to obscure herself from us, but remains in sight. It is an enigmatic and thought provoking image.


Chantelle M received great praise when her unit was first verified at the start of the year and should do well when the results come back tomorrow morning. The final piece (a collage of book paper, tracing paper and mixed media including acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal) also won a local competition to design a school library card.

Modern Day Guernica

Kara W (OLSP, S2) is working on a modern age Guernica painting. Above you can see the various stages that she has worked through to finalize her idea for the Obama themed work. Kara and her peers were asked to pick a news story to paint their own version of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ to, her choice was the election of the first black president in the USA.

As I See It…

I have just finished editing the ‘As I See It…’ short film created by pupils of Ladywell Learning Centre and their family members. The short talking head films focus on an aspect of the artist’s views on things around them. Each piece was created by painting (acrylics) a portrait on card and then adding moving mechanisms for the eyes and mouth to animate it. There is no digital editing in any of the pieces themselves, they are created and manipulated by hand in front of a flip camera while the artists’ audio is played in the background.

I was very happy that the adult family members were as willing to take part as much as the pupils and their younger siblings, it has made the selection of views varied and very interesting to watch. It’s definitely a project I’m very proud in being part of.