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Disaster & Emergency ’13

This is the new video by my two S2 classes created for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ Integrated Learning Challenge. Each pupil was asked to choose a place and a natural method of destruction to create a puppetry / animated scene. Pupils worked in pairs to create their scenes which were then amalgamated into this short news broadcast. I think that Erin and Laticia have done a great job anchoring the broadcast. You can watch the older ILC News broadcast here: ILC NEWS 2011.

Disaster And Emergency ILC News

Here is the news programme that my S2 classes made for their ‘Disaster and Emergency’ unit. The project was part of an ‘Integrated Learning Challenge’ which every subject took part in. The animations were created by making moving paintings that were either stop animated or by way of puppets. I’d also like to thank Kerry and Scott that were kind enough and talented enough to present the programme.

Familiar Guy

Jamie J (S4, OLSP) has been working on drawings for an animation. He started with drawings that looked a lot like Family Guy and Simpsons characters, but he is quickly finding his own style  (a nice amalgamation of the two), an example of which, you’ll see above. I helped Jamie colour the drawing to make it look more professional, I can’t wait to see more of his ideas and maybe even try and animate them.

Art Clast 3 – Animation Special


The third and final episode of Art Clast for this term (2010-2011) has been uploaded to Youtube and iTunes. You can watch all three episodes and even subscribe if you like them. Below is the animation special, which I feel is by far the best episode yet. Great work from the Art Clast podcasters yet again.

If you’d like to subscribe to the iTunes podcast, visit here.


The Art Four’s ‘Tam O’Shanter’

The Art Four has put it’s ‘Tam O’Shanter’ animation up on Youtube for public access. Created by Miss McInnes and her S1 (OLSP) classes, it a tremendous feat of Photoshop Stop-animation. If anyone has ever tried movement or animation in Photoshop, you’ll understand how fantastic this short is, if you haven’t tried, you’ll still see how amazing it looks. My apologies on the narration… I tried my best.

As I See It…

I have just finished editing the ‘As I See It…’ short film created by pupils of Ladywell Learning Centre and their family members. The short talking head films focus on an aspect of the artist’s views on things around them. Each piece was created by painting (acrylics) a portrait on card and then adding moving mechanisms for the eyes and mouth to animate it. There is no digital editing in any of the pieces themselves, they are created and manipulated by hand in front of a flip camera while the artists’ audio is played in the background.

I was very happy that the adult family members were as willing to take part as much as the pupils and their younger siblings, it has made the selection of views varied and very interesting to watch. It’s definitely a project I’m very proud in being part of.