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Do Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Evie & Maria’s (S2) book cover design was a runner up for the Scottish Book Cover Competition 2016-2017. I love how they’ve bisected the cover, showing different characters from the book. 

Shannah’s (S6) photo cover of a frozen spider web and Niamh’s (S6) watercolour painting also received recognition for their entries. All four girls received book vouchers and a certificate for their skills. 

Rian’s Skill



This week’s work from home comes from Rian M (S2, OLSP). Rian has amazing observational skills, drawing, sizing and detail comes to him naturally. He does not need to pre-plan drawings or add layout lines/guide lines to get a successful result, this is a talent that only comes with practice and refining your skills. Above and below you’ll see a few examples from his ever increasing sketchbook. How great is that hand drawing? Seriously?! Great stuff Rian, thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your sketchbook.


It Helps To Keep A Scrap Book

Chloe M (S3, OLSP) shows us how she collects images together for use later. Developing these skills as she did (this book is from S2) will help her when working towards her new National Qualification. Since the change of the qualification system, pupils are no longer required to write two essays, they are now expected to create a ‘resource book’ full of examples of art, notes and annotations about the artist and designer looked at and their inspirations. By introducing pupils to image collecting, note taking and resource building at earlier stages, we can help them become self reliant when it comes to their own inspiration and resources.

Laura’s Pad

Laura O‘s (S1, OLSP) sketch pad is a delight to look through, even though it’s just been started, she has been quickly filling it with sketches, doodles, full page pieces and little ideas. I could spend an hour showing you and describing the work, though I thought I’d pick a few of my favourites and give Laura back her pad so she can work in it some more.

I really love the piece above, it reminds me of a storyboard from a film. The girl’s shirt is nicely drawn, the grid pattern and buttons are nicely detailed, though in a stylistic way. Below, Laura has worked on a colour sketch of a monkey, this is based on work she is currently doing with Miss Kusch in art class, creating a cover for Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’.